Valentina Borghesani

Valentina Borghesani

Function: Professeure assistante

Group name: Neurobiology of Concepts Expression Laboratory (NoCE Lab)

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Psychology Section

Domains: Language and Communication

Keywords: conceptual knowledge, language, memory, neurodegenerative disorders, Semantic memory

Research activities

We study the cognitive and neural correlates of semantic knowledge and their interplay with language.

Our work follows 5 axes: 1) how are words and concepts represented in the brain? 2) how do we acquire novel words and concepts? 3) what happens when we lose words or concepts? 4) how do words and concepts vary across individuals and cultures? 5) how does language relate to other cognitive functions?

We use behavioral methods, drawn from neuropsychology and experimental psychology, as well as neuroimaging techniques, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and magnetoencephalography (MEG).

We believe in science as a collaborative effort aimed at the pursuit of knowledge for the benefit of humanity, and we strive to make our research as green, ethically conscious, and open as possible.

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Key publications

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