Thierry Pun

Function: Professeur honoraire

Group name: The Multimodal interaction group (MMI)

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Faculty of Science, Department of Computer Science

Domains: Affective and Social Neurosciences

Keywords: affective computing, brain-computer interaction, emotion analysis, multimodal interaction

Research activities

The Multimodal interaction group (MMI), part of the Computer vision and multimedia laboratory (CVML), is interested in the use of various modalities for human-computer interaction and affective computing. The currently studied modalities are visual (eye-gaze tracking), auditory (3D sonification), haptic, physiological (EEG’s, peripheral physiological signals). The three main research and development topics, concerning interaction using physiological signals and eInclusion, are: 1. brain-computer interaction (BCI) based on EEG’s, and brain sources reconstruction (forward and inverse problem); 2. affective computing and emotions assessment; 3. electronic aids for visually handicapped people and for the elderly.
Our specialized equipment includes acquisition systems for EEG’s (Biosemi, GTec, Emotiv), peripheral physiological signals (EMG, blood and breathing rates, EDR, skin temperature), eye gaze trackers (Tobii), stereo and 3D+ cameras, etc.

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