Petra Huppi

Petra Huppi

Affiliations: Geneva University Hospitals, Department of Paediatrics

Group name: Child Development Disorders

Domains: Development and Plasticity

Keywords: brain development, brain injury, cerebral ischemia, intra-uterine growth restriction

Research activities

Our research includes clinical and fundamental neurosciences projects with the aim to use and develop neuro-imaging techniques for the study of normal and altered brain development in high-risk neonate and in animal models of brain injury.

Clinical: we use advanced MRI techniques and neuro-developmental assessment to look at the effects of intra-uterine growth restriction on structural and functional development of the brain.

Fundamental: In order to understand the alteration of brain development seen in high-risk infants, we have developed translational research of brain development compromise such as intra-uterine growth restriction or foetal exposition to adverse conditions and acute hypoxic-ischemic and inflammation brain injury in the newborn rat pup. Advanced magnetic resonance imaging and mechanistic evaluation technics are used to describe injury, healing and repair. These experimental paradigms allow us to study mechanisms of damage and repair in the developing brain.

Latest publications

Methodological consensus on clinical proton MRS of the brain: Review and recommendations.

Wilson M , Andronesi O , Barker PB , Bartha R , Bizzi A , Bolan PJ , Brindle KM , Choi IY , Cudalbu C , Dydak U , Emir UE , Gonzalez RG , Gruber S , Gruetter R , Gupta RK , Heerschap A , Henning A , Hetherington HP , Huppi PS , Hurd RE , Kantarci K , Kauppinen RA , Klomp DWJ , Kreis R , Kruiskamp MJ , Leach MO , Lin AP , Luijten PR , Marjańska M , Maudsley AA , Meyerhoff DJ , Mountford CE , Mullins PG , Murdoch JB , Nelson SJ , Noeske R , Öz G , Pan JW , Peet AC , Poptani H , Posse S , Ratai EM , Salibi N , Scheenen TWJ , Smith ICP , Soher BJ , Tkáč I , Vigneron DB , Howe FA
Magnetic resonance in medicine - Aug 2019



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