Marina Laganaro

Marina Laganaro

Function: Professeure ordinaire

Group name: NeuroPsychoLinguistics

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education, Psychology Section

Domains: Language and Communication

Keywords: aphasia, brain damages, language, phonetic encoding

Research activities

We investigate the mechanisms involved in language production in normal conditions and after brain damage through the integration of psycholinguistic, neurolinguistic and functional neuroimaging paradigms. We use psycholinguistic chronometric paradigms to study which representations and processes are involved in the encoding of the form of the sentence to be produced. In the neurolinguistic approach we carry out the same studies with brain damaged speakers presenting with impaired language production (especially impaired phonological/phonetic encoding) and perform error analyses and acoustic measures on these productions. In the neuroimaging approach we analyse the time-course of processes involved in word-form encoding with ERPs paradigms in healthy control subjects and their breakdown in brain damaged (aphasic) speakers.

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