Jean-Marc Matter

Jean-Marc Matter

Group name: Neurogenesis

Affiliations: Faculty of Science, Department of Biochemistry

Domains: Development and Plasticity

Keywords: gene expression, morphogenesis, regulatory factors, retina

Research activities

Linking the regulation of gene expression to ontogenesis remains a major issue in developmental neurobiology. We are interested in defining how the interplay between regulatory factors and key transcriptional targets coordinates the complex processes of neuron specification and morphogenesis of the retina. Although retina development relies on the whole on regulatory proteins widely expressed in the developing nervous system, Atoh7 expression is a specific feature of retina ontogenesis. We focus on the regulation and function of Atoh7 as a key determinant of the retina cell fate and as an important regulator of neuronal patterning. We ask how Atoh7 interconnects a cell fate decision with the genetic pathways that regulate cell cycle exit, cell polarity and cell migration.

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