Indrit (hosted) Bègue

Indrit Bègue

Group name: Neuroimaging and translational psychiatry 

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Department of Psychiatry

Domains: Affective and Social Neurosciences

Keywords: Apathy, Cognitive deficits, schizophrenia, transcranial magnetic stimulation, translational psychiatry

Research activities

Our research focuses on the psychopathological, behavioral and neural processes underlying neuropsychiatric disorders (in particular, negative symptoms of schizophrenia) and their translational potential.


Our research work is organized in two axes:

  • The first axis targets the neurobiological mechanisms of negative symptoms in schizophrenia by :
    • combining advanced human functional and structural neuroimaging with clinical psychopathological measures
    • aiming to identify reliable biomarkers in brain-wide association studies using large functional and structural datasets
    • employing a translational cross-species examination approach
  • The second axis aims at employing non-invasive therapeutic approaches including neuromodulation with transcranial magnetic stimulation and developing brief psychotherapeutic interventions for these extremely disabling symptoms for patients and their families.

Key publications

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