Ilaria Sani

Ilaria Sani

Function: Professeure assistante

Group name: Attentive brains and Behaviors Lab

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Department of Basic Neurosciences

Domains: Attention and Cognition

Keywords: Animal models, attention, multimodal-MRI, Neglect patients, virtual reality, Vision

Research activities

We are intrigued by the human and animal capability of understanding and navigating extremely complex situations and by the devastating consequences that brain diseases bring.

As a system and cognitive neuroscience Lab, we want to understand how the brain takes on this challenge, we want to study the behavior at its full capacity, and we want to commit our investigations to ultimately improve wellbeing.

We combine cutting-edge tools (such as virtual reality), multiple neuroscientific techniques (multimodal-MRI, lesion studies, single neuron recordings), and different model systems (healthy humans, patients with dysregulated attention systems and animal models) to dissect the complexity of the brain and of behavior.

Latest publications

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