Guido Bondolfi

Guido Bondolfi

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals, Department of Psychiatry

Group name: Personality styles, mood disorders and depressive relapse prevention

Domains: Affective and Social Neurosciences

Keywords: depression, Emotion, mental disorders

Research activities

A first research topic is the integration of clinical psychology and neuroimaging in order to understand the detailed mechanisms mediating inter-individual differences in human behavior. Individual variability in emotion processing may be associated with genetic variations as well as with psychological predispositions. Our concept of dispositional affect (Arciero & Bondolfi, Selfhood, Identity and Personality Styles. Wiley & Blackwell, 2009) has been developed based on previous works bearing on the relationship between cognitive styles and attachment patterns in some psychopathological conditions. A second research topic, deals with the prediction and the etiopathogeny of recurrence in unipolar depression in an integrative perspective (psychological and biological factors).

Latest publications

Pharmacogenetics of antidepressant response: A polygenic approach.

García-González J , Tansey KE , Hauser J , Henigsberg N , Maier W , Mors O , Placentino A , Rietschel M , Souery D , Žagar T , Czerski PM , Jerman B , Buttenschøn HN , Schulze TG , Zobel A , Farmer A , Aitchison KJ , Craig I , McGuffin P , Giupponi M , Perroud N , Bondolfi G , Evans D , O'Donovan M , Peters TJ , Wendland JR , Lewis G , Kapur S , Perlis R , Arolt V , Domschke K , , Breen G , Curtis C , Sang-Hyuk L , Kan C , Newhouse S , Patel H , Baune BT , Uher R , Lewis CM , Fabbri C
Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry - 04 2017



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