Clara James

Affiliations: Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education

Group name: Geneva Musical Minds Lab (GEMMI lab)   

Domains: Development and Plasticity, Sensory and Motor Systems, Perception, Attention and Cognition

Keywords: brain plasticity, child development, countervail cognitive decline, Musical training regimens

Research activities

Research interests:

– Neuronal substrates at the root of perceptive, cognitive and motor functioning
– Experience-driven brain and behavioral plasticity following musical activity over the lifespan
– Links between general and musical cognition and their neuronal substrates
– Cognitive and brain features of musicians with absolute pitch
– Developing musical training regimens that:

  1. Countervail age-induced cognitive and sensorimotor decline and brain degeneration
  2. Boost cognitive, sensorimotor and associated brain development in children

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