Sami El-Boustani

Sami El-Boustani

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Department of Basic Neurosciences

Group name: Experimental and Computational Neurosciences Laboratory

Domains: Development and Plasticity, Perception, Attention and Cognition, Sensory and Motor Systems

Keywords: learning, multisensory integration, perceptual inference, synaptic plasticity

Research activities

From a single synapse to simple behaviors, the nervous system exhibits rich and complex dynamics that convey every perception we experience and every action we make. In particular, extracting regularities in the environment to build predictions of forthcoming sensory percepts is an essential cognitive process, which animals use to adjust their behavior and achieve specific goals. Perceptual predictions originate from an internal representation of the world in the brain that is continuously shaped by new experiences and can guide behavior. Recent developments of genetically-encoded sensors and effectors along with novel behavioral paradigms have positioned mice as an ideal model to address these questions. In the laboratory, we study the emergence and influence of experience-dependent internal representations on sensory processing and perceptual decision-making in mice performing multisensory tasks. Our lab uses a combination of in vivo electrophysiology, wide-field imaging, two-photon microscopy, mouse behavior and molecular biology to address these questions.

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