Armin Schnider

Armin Schnider

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals, Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Group name: Cognitive Neurorehabilitation Laboratory

Domains: Perception, Attention and Cognition

Keywords: amnesia, brain mapping, confabulation, neurorehabilitation

Research activities

Our research laboratory (responsible: Dr. Stéphanie Morand) is part of the Division of Neurorehabilitation (Service de Neurorééducation) at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences of the University Hospital of Geneva. Our team conducts group and case studies of patients with cognitive dysfunctions after brain damage as well as studies on cognitive mechanisms in healthy participants. Our main research topic concerns mechanisms and rehabilitation of memory disorders, in particular amnesia and spontaneous confabulation. We use experimental neuropsychological evaluation and brain mapping using high-resolution EEG recordings allowing electrical source analysis.

Two other groups are affiliated to the Cognitive Neurorehabilitation Lab: Dr Marina Laganaro, organization of normal language and rehabilitation of aphasia and Dr Radek Ptak, mechanisms and rehabilitation of hemispatial neglect.

Latest publications

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