Adrian Guggisberg

Adrian Guggisberg

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals, Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Group name: Imaging-assisted neurorehabilitation

Domains: Perception, Attention and Cognition, Sensory and Motor Systems

Keywords: brain lesions, brain networks, neurorehabilltation

Research activities

Neurological and cognitive deficits are frequent and highly disabling. Intensive training and rehabilitation can lead to improvement, but the selection of efficient treatment strategies for the individual patient is often difficult because of insufficient knowledge about how the human brain can recover lost functions. We make use of recent advances in neuroimaging techniques to non-invasively assess the network organization of the brain and to optimize treatment of patients with brain lesions. In particular, we aim to: – characterize the changes in brain network organization induced by focal lesions or diffuse degeneration; – visualize the mechanisms underlying functional recovery; – identify prognostic factors; – assess the effect of novel treatment approaches that might improve recovery, such as transcranial stimulation, neuro-feedback, and others. Functional imaging and advanced signal analysis techniques are also used to investigate the mechanisms of human cognition and behavior such as: decision-making, introspection, and yawning.

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Latest publications

Consensus on the reporting and experimental design of clinical and cognitive-behavioural neurofeedback studies (CRED-nf checklist).

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Brain : a journal of neurology - 06 2020
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