Denis Jabaudon awarded with the 2022 Joseph Altman Award in Developmental Neuroscience

The Japan Neuroscience Society here extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Denis Jabaudon of the 2022 Joseph Altman Award in Developmental Neuroscience.

Submitted articles

Telley* L, Agirman* G, Prados J, Amberg N, Fièvre S, Oberst P, Bartolini G, Vitali I, Cadilhac C, Hippenmeyer S, Nguyen L, Dayer A, and Jabaudon D. Temporal patterning of apical progenitors and their daughter neurons in the developing neocortex. Science 2019, 364(6440).
*equal contributors.Oberst P, Fièvre S, Baumann N,

Concetti C, Bartolini G, and Jabaudon D. Temporal plasticity of apical progenitors in the developing mouse neocortex. Nature 2019,573: 370-374.

Klingler E, Tomasello U, Prados J, Kebschull JM, Contestabile A, Galiñanes GL, Fièvre S, Santinha A, Platt R, Huber D, Dayer A, Bellone C, and Jabaudon D. Temporal controls over inter-areal cortical projection neuron fate diversity. Nature 2021, 599: 453-457.

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