Brain Research Support Award for UNIGE Master’s students

We are pleased to announce the launch in 2024 of a Brain Research Support Award for Master’s students in neuroscience at the University of Geneva. It is a great honor bestowed upon us by the Vasco Sanz Association, established in 2009 in memory of a young neuroscience student in our program, to add a momentum award of 1000 CHF.

The award will recognize the Master’s thesis of one of our students who has conducted an interesting and innovative brain research using computer tools broadly defined.


The application is only possible upon recommendation from the supervisor.


The applicant must:

  • Hold a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from UNIGE
  • Have successfully defended the Master’s thesis between September 16, 2023, and September 15, 2024
  • Have official support (see below) in this application from the supervisor
  • Achieved a minimum grade of 5.5 (average of the written work and oral defense)


Complete the application form and submit the required documents. The form is provided to students nominated by their supervisor and the program steering committee. Documents to be attached include:

  • The title of the research project
  • A brief summary of the research project (max 50 words), highlighting how the use of computer tools facilitated and enhanced the project
  • A summary of the thesis (max 250 words)
  • An image illustrating the work
  • The thesis
  • Transcripts of Master’s program grades
  • A letter of recommendation from the supervisor regarding this work.

Selection and Jury

The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Compliance with written work and adherence to writing and submission deadlines to juries and the program steering committee
  • Use and originality of computer tool use in the research project
  • Academic achievement
  • Quality of work in the laboratory, any proposed or published scientific articles
  • Quality of written work
  • Quality of presentation
  • Potential for fundamental or clinical research, societal impact
  • The jury consists of 3 members of the teaching staff affiliated with the Neurocenter, experts in the field of neuroscience.

Award Ceremony

The award will be presented at the 2024 graduation ceremony for Master’s in neuroscience students, held at the end of November in Geneva. The announcement of the laureate will be broadcast within the Neurocenter, featured in the monthly newsletter and on our website, and included in the section of awards to students. The laureate will also present their work in a short format like “My Thesis in 180 Seconds” during the public Vasco Sanz Fund award ceremony followed by a cocktail in November in Onex.


Presentation of the Vasco Sanz Association for Brain Research Support – New Award –

Established in 2009, in memory of a young neuroscience student, the non-profit association annually awards the VASCO SANZ AWARD of CHF 3000.- for research work by a laureate under 35 years old, focusing on advancing knowledge of the brain, especially through the use of computer tools.

Supported by generous private donors, starting from the 15th edition, the association adds an “impulse” award of CHF 1,000.- to be awarded to a student whose master’s meets the association’s criteria: conducting interesting and innovative brain research using computer tools.

Traditionally, the awards are presented at a ceremony in November, followed by a cocktail. The student whose master’s is awarded will briefly present their work in the style of “My Thesis in Three Minutes.”

The selection of candidates will be exclusively made by the responsible Master professors who will propose their students.

The choice of the “impulse award” laureate will be the responsibility of the individuals overseeing this distinction within the Vasco Sanz association, namely Professor Patrik Vuilleumier and Mrs. Delphine Jochaut, program’s coordinator.

The Vasco Sanz association will also be present at the interdisciplinary master’s graduation event to acknowledge the distinction of the awarded student.