Vincente Ibanez

Vicente Ibanez

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals, Department of Psychiatry

Domains: Development and Plasticity, Perception, Attention and Cognition

Keywords: attention, brain metabolism, memory, neuropsychiatric disorders, neurotransmission

Research activities

The research interest of our group concerns the neuropsychiatric disorders, mainly psychosis, depression and dementia. In these diseases, we study the functional anatomy of higher cognitive processes related to voluntary action, attention, and memory, as well as the cerebral glucose metabolism and the neurotransmission using neuroimaging techniques. We attempt to understand the dysfunctions of human behavior by studying the integration of the sensory signals and the covert processes underlying action planification.

Another line of research is centered on the analysis of brain oscillations subtending attentional and memory processes. In the future, we plan to apply neurofeedback for neuropsychiatric rehabilitation. For glucose metabolism and neurotransmission studies, fundamental and clinical studies are performed. Fundamental research consists in studying models of neuropsychiatric diseases. From the results, we get useful information to study neurofobrillary tangles and seniles plaques lesions of Alzheimer disease, as well as dopaminergic receptors density in psychosis and drug abuse.

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