Roland Maurer

Roland Maurer

Function: Maître d'enseignement et de recherche

Group name: Human Spatial Orientation

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education, Psychology Section

Domains: Perception, Attention and Cognition

Keywords: brain lesions, cognitive map, spatial orientation

Research activities

Most human activities imply some form of orientation and wayfinding. We are interested in the basic mechanisms of spatial orientation in humans, and, especially, in path integration, the process by which many animals, including humans, continuously keep track of where they are during an excursion by monitoring and processing the sensory signals generated by locomotion itself. Path integration plays an important role during the construction of the spatial representation of the environment (the “cognitive map”). We are investigating the development of path integration in children, how it is (together with other orientation mechanisms) affected by cerebral lesions, how it changes with old age, and how it interacts with spatial representations.

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