Valentina Garibotto

Valentina Garibotto

Function: Professeure associée

Nom du groupe: Laboratory of Neuroimaging and Innovative Molecular Tracers (NIMTLab)

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals, Department of Radiology and Medical Informatics

Domaines: Development and Plasticity

Mot clés: biomarkers, molecular neuroimaging, neurodegeneration, neurotransmission

Activités de recherche

Our research group works on molecular neuroimaging, a tool allowing the in vivo measurement of protein deposits, brain metabolism and neurotransmission. Molecular imaging has changed the way we understand brain disorders, especially those associated with neurodegeneration. In this field, the current gold standard is still neuropathology at post-mortem: this represents an intrinsic limitation for the development and assessment of targeted therapies. The availability of in vivo biomarkers of the disease, among these molecular imaging, finally offers an opportunity for precision medicine in degenerative disorders and has already changed how we evaluate patients and how we test new drugs. Our group benefits from a unique and privileged position, on one hand working in close collaboration with various research groups at the Geneva University and abroad and on the other hand being embedded in a clinical division of the Geneva University Hospitals for patient diagnosis and care. This position allows us to translate new ideas and knowledge, coming from basic and applied research programs, into procedures that can be tested in clinical studies and validated for clinical practice.

Dernières publications

Association Between Years of Education and Amyloid Burden in Patients With Subjective Cognitive Decline, MCI, and Alzheimer Disease.

Hönig M , Altomare D , Caprioglio C , Collij L , Barkhof F , Van Berckel B , Scheltens P , Farrar G , Battle MR , Theis H , Giehl K , Bischof GN , Garibotto V , Molinuevo JLL , Grau-Rivera O , Delrieu J , Payoux P , Demonet JF , Nordberg AK , Savitcheva I , Walker Z , Edison P , Stephens AW , Gismondi R , Jessen F , Buckley CJ , Gispert JD , Frisoni GB , Drzezga A ,
Neurology - Mar 2024

European intersocietal recommendations for the biomarker-based diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders.

Frisoni GB , Festari C , Massa F , Cotta Ramusino M , Orini S , Aarsland D , Agosta F , Babiloni C , Borroni B , Cappa SF , Frederiksen KS , Froelich L , Garibotto V , Haliassos A , Jessen F , Kamondi A , Kessels RP , Morbelli SD , O'Brien JT , Otto M , Perret-Liaudet A , Pizzini FB , Vandenbulcke M , Vanninen R , Verhey F , Vernooij MW , Yousry T , Boada Rovira M , Dubois B , Georges J , Hansson O , Ritchie CW , Scheltens P , van der Flier WM , Nobili F
The Lancet. Neurology - Mar 2024
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Département de radiologie et informatique médicale
Faculty of Medicine

Service de Médecine nucléaire et imagerie moléculaire, Département diagnostique