Pascal Zesiger

Pascal Zesiger

Nom du groupe: Processing, acquisition and disorders of language

Affiliations: Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education, Psychology Section

Domaines: Language and Communication

Mot clés: child development, language, orthography acquisition, working memory

Activités de recherche

Different research axes on normal and language disordered children are pursued: 1. Several research projects on early language acquisition are in progress in our « baby » lab on word comprehension in the infant (about 16 months), and the other on the specification of phonological representations in the infant (12 and 18 months). 2. Several studies on the role of phonology and phonological working memory in language acquisition have been conducted with children (4-5 years old) to examine the relation between lexical and grammar mastery, on the one hand, and the phonological and metaphonological abilities and working memory, on the other. 3. The acquisition of lexical and grammatical orthography (in collaboration with Prof. M.-A. Schelstraete, Université Catholique de Louvain) has been studied in various experiments with children ending their primary school (5P). The aim of these studies is to better understand the factors that contribute to the acquisition of both lexical and grammatical orthography.

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