Nicolas Roehri

Nicolas Roehri

Function: Maître-Assistant

Nom du groupe: Electrophysiological Signal Processing for Epilepsy Research

Group type: Affiliated

Affiliations: Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Domaines: Development and Plasticity

Activités de recherche

Our research focuses on the development and application of advanced signal processing methods for the analysis of human electrophysiological recordings, whether invasive (iEEG) or non-invasive (EEG and MEG), specifically in the context of epilepsy.

Brain Connectivity: Epilepsy is a brain network disease and brain connectivity appears to be an idea tool to characterise epileptic brains. Non-invasively derived brain connectivity metrics need to be validated with a gold standard. Our aim is to take advantage of the rare simultaneous hd-EEG-iEEG recordings to validate them.

Postsurgical Outcome Prediction: By combining connectivity/network analysis and clinical data, we aim to develop a machine learning algorithm, coupled to a clinical report, to predict which patients might benefit from resective surgery.

Funding: FNS Ambizione

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