Nadia Micali

Nadia Micali

Affiliations: Department of Psychiatry

Nom du groupe: SEED (reSearch in fEeding, Eating and related Disorders) Lab

Domaines: Attention and Cognition

Mot clés: brain imaging, eating, mental disorders

Activités de recherche

Feeding and Eating Disorders are common and they have severe consequences on an individual’s physical, psychological and social life. The SEED lab is a multidisciplinary lab that has as main aims to understand why Feeding and Eating disorders develop, and to lead advances into the management and treatment of these disorders. With a range of local, national, and many international collaborations (UK, US, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, etc.) we investigate risk factors and correlates of Feeding and Eating Disorders, their presentations across ages and their neurobiological bases. Our developmental approach and interest in normal as well as problematic feeding and eating behaviour ensures a unique perspective to the study of Feeding and Eating Disorders. We have expertise and carry out large studies across various methodologies, including: genetics, epidemiology, neuroimaging, high-density EEG, neuropsychology, and physiology, amongst others. The lab works closely with clinical Feeding and Eating Disorders clinical services, with the ultimate goal of preventing and treating Feeding and Eating Disorders, to improve the lives of sufferers and their families.

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