Angélica Perez Fornos

Angélica Perez Fornos

Function: Chargée de cours

Nom du groupe: Cochlear and Retinal Implants

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals, Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Domaines: Sensory and Motor Systems, Perception

Mot clés: cochlear implants, deafness, neural implants, visual impairment

Activités de recherche

The work of our group focuses on the development of functional rehabilitation tools for patients with sensory deficits of the inner ear (balance and hearing). We are one of the world leaders in the domain, as we have significantly contributed to the development of the multichannel cochlear implant and in recent years the vestibular implant. The highlight of our current research is the development of a vestibular implant, a neuroprosthesis designed to restore vestibular function in patients with a complete bilateral deficit. We have demonstrated the feasibility of the concept in humans, developed surgical techniques for implanting electrodes in contact with the vestibular apparatus, and developed specific electrical stimulation paradigms. Other research areas include the impact of a total vestibular deficits in children and adults, the development and evolution of sound perception abilities in cochlear implant recipients and the development of specific tools to facilitate speech development in pediatric cochlear implant recipients.


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