Post-doctoral position

In the context of a clinically oriented, neuroscience research project at the bridge between the University of Geneva and the University Hospital of Geneva, we are seeking for a:

Post-doctoral candidate (60-80%), 01 February–31 July

Starting date: as soon as possible

Project title: Innovation of techniques for safe neurosurgery: quantitative functional brain mapping imaging using Arterial Spin Labelling pre- and peri-operatively

Responsible: Dr. GR Iannotti; Dr. F. Grouiller; Prof K.Lovblad; Prof. K Schaller

Summary of the project:

The project aims at evaluating the use of functional Arterial Spin Labelling (fASL) as alternative to the most widespread fMRI-BOLD for mapping brain functions. Indeed, in respect to BOLD, fASL allows for a direct and quantitative measurement of the cerebral blood flow. This contribute to increase the spatial specificity of brain functional activation, particularly crucial for patients who are candidate for neurosurgery.

In a previous study involving healthy subjects, we found a significant shift between ASL and BOLD along all brain directions. Moreover, by comparing the two MRI modalities with TMS we demonstrated that ASL is a more reliable estimation of neuronal excitability than BOLD.

On these findings, our current aim is to assess the localization accuracy of ASL in respect to BOLD in patients characterized by altered neurovascular coupling, in particular patients who are candidate for neurosurgery.


  • Excellent knowledge of Matlab programming
  • Experience with ASL sequences
  • Experience with or hanger to assist MRI recordings
  • Experience in the analysis of structural and functional MRI data
  • Good problem solving and communication skills
  • Efficiency in working independently


  • To coordinate the patients’ MRI slot
  • To assist MRI data acquisition
  • To analyse the data
  • To participate to the development of ASL protocol at 7 Tesla

For applying: your CV should be sent to