Neuroscience Masters’ Day

Neuroscience Masters' Day              Neuroscience Masters' Day 1

The Neuroscience Masters’ Day gathers every year all the students of the Master in Neuroscience in a both constructive and convivial way.

This event aims at providing a feedback about the feasibility and/or the progress of the work of every master student in neuroscience at the University of Geneva, and about the scientific content of their work. Each student must present a poster or give a talk about his/her current work.

It represents a good opportunity for the Master students to familiarize themselves with conferences, poster writing and presentation, and scientific discussions about both their own work and other projects and to meet other students, but also more confirmed researchers (PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, PIs). Three posters were awarded this year : Shannon Mechoullam (“How are biospheric values represented in the brain “), Beatrice Righetti (“Rewarding properties and motivational aspects of social interaction”) and Yasaman Izadmehr, “Disentangling vascular and neuronal effects on functional connectivity by using resting-state fMRI combined with a CO2 challenge paradigm”) and one talk: Jeanette Popovova (“The effect of Fusiform Face Area (FFA) regulation on subliminal face perception: A real-time fMRI neurofeedback study”)

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