Yvan Gasche

Yvan Gasche

Nom du groupe: Ischemic Brain Injury

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals, Department of Anaesthetics, Pharmacology and Intensive Care

Domaines: Development and Plasticity

Mot clés: blood-brain barrier, cerebral ischemia, neuronal degeneration, stroke

Activités de recherche

The laboratory is interested in the molecular mechanisms involved in blood-brain barrier disruption and neuronal degeneration in ischemic brain injury. Brain edema and hemorrhagic transformation are the main cause of early mortality in ischemic stroke patients. Gelatinase B, an inducible matrix metalloproteinase overexpressed during cerebral ischemia, is associated to the proteolysis of the basal lamina resulting in blood-brain barrier disruption, brain edema and cerebral hemorrhage after stroke. We currently explore different therapeutic strategies focused on the role of gelatinase B to reduce the risk of hemorrhage and brain edema both in animal models of embolic stroke and in patients. We also investigate the mechanisms of ischemic brain injury in patients following cardiac arrest and in patients developing delayed ischemic injury due to vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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Département d’Anesthésiologie, Pharmacologie et Soins Intensifs
Email: Yvan.Gasche@unige.ch