Patrice Lalive

Patrice Lalive

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals, Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Nom du groupe: Neuroimmunology

Domaines: Development and Plasticity, Sensory and Motor Systems

Mot clés: biomarkers, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, neurodegeneration, neuroprotection

Activités de recherche

Our group is interested in both fundamental and clinically-oriented research projects in inflammatory/demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), and in particular on the pathogenesis and regulation of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Our major interests are (i) the search for new biomarkers for MS inflammation and neurodegeneration and (ii) the identification of the mechanisms of action of current MS therapies.
Because of its many similarities to MS, experimental autoimmune encephalitis (EAE), the animal model of MS, is regularly used in our laboratory to study MS pathogenesis and regulation. We are currently developing new animal models to study the neuroprotective effects of HGF separate from its immune-regulating properties.
The major research topics of our group are: Multiple Sclerosis and demyelinating diseases of the CNS ; Experimental Autoimmune Encephalitis ; Biomarkers of the serum and the cerebrospinal fluid in MS ; Study of neuroprotective factors in EAE and MS ; Study of Human Herpes-6 variant A and B in sporadic encephalitis.

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Dernières publications

Association of Brain Atrophy With Disease Progression Independent of Relapse Activity in Patients With Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis.

Cagol A , Schaedelin S , Barakovic M , Benkert P , Todea RA , Rahmanzadeh R , Galbusera R , Lu PJ , Weigel M , Melie-Garcia L , Ruberte E , Siebenborn N , Battaglini M , Radue EW , Yaldizli Ö , Oechtering J , Sinnecker T , Lorscheider J , Fischer-Barnicol B , Müller S , Achtnichts L , Vehoff J , Disanto G , Findling O , Chan A , Salmen A , Pot C , Bridel C , Zecca C , Derfuss T , Lieb JM , Remonda L , Wagner F , Vargas MI , Du Pasquier R , Lalive PH , Pravatà E , Weber J , Cattin PC , Gobbi C , Leppert D , Kappos L , Kuhle J , Granziera C
JAMA neurology - 07 2022
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