Matthias Kliegel

Matthias Kliegel

Function: Professeur ordinaire

Nom du groupe: Cognitive Aging

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education, Psychology Section

Domaines: Development and Plasticity, Perception, Attention and Cognition

Mot clés: aging, cognitive processes, memory

Activités de recherche

Our research focuses on the developmental trajectories of cognitive processes, especially memory and cognitive control, across the lifespan. We aim at understanding the fine-grained descriptive pattern of age-related changes and stability, uncovering the mechanisms behind those trajectories, as well as developing possible intervention strategies to support the positive and alter or prevent the negative changes. Besides studying common trends we are also interested in individual differences and explore reasons why individuals differ in the way their cognitive functions develop. As core neuroscience methods we use EEG (ERPs), fMRI, heart rate and saliva cortisol.

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Faculté de psychologie et sciences de l’éducation
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