Margitta Seeck

Margitta Seeck

Nom du groupe: EEG and Epilepsy Unit

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals, Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Domaines: Development and Plasticity

Mot clés: brain functions, epilepsia

Activités de recherche

The main activity of our unit is to propose surgical solution to drug resistant patient. Among all functional brain imaging techniques, ESI (Electromagnetic Source Imaging) is precise and useful to localize the epileptic foci.Our group demonstrated that high resolution EEG (256 channels) is promised tool to localize epileptic foci for various type of epilepsy. Multimodal imaging allow us to compare the yield of each technique (MRI, PET, SPECT, ESI, fMRI) for different group of patient (paediatric population, non lesional epilepsy).

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is emerging as a possible treatment for intractable epilepsy, affecting 0.2-0.3% of the population. We aim at determining the minimal and most efficient stimulation that is required to prevent seizures and that guarantees a safe stimulation. Our group is also involved in program research to better understand epilepsy mechanisms. Then genetic, development and genesis of epilepsy are part of our centres of interest.

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