Christoph Nissen

Christoph Nissen

Function: Professeur ordinaire, Médecin-chef de service

Nom du groupe: Sleep research in psychiatry

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Department of Psychiatry

Domaines: Development and Plasticity, Affective and Social Neurosciences

Mot clés: insomnia, mental health, psychiatry, sleep, sleep disorders

Activités de recherche

Sleep and mental health are highly interrelated. Our overarching aim is to investigate and modulate sleep to contribute to the understanding of the pathophysiology and development of new treatments for mental disorders.

Our work is grouped into interlinked lines of research that integrate a variety of methods, from non-invasive brain stimulation to psychotherapeutic interventions:

  • SLEEPmodulation aims to develop a novel sleep-based treatment technology for major depression based on auditory closed-loop modulation of sleep slow waves and related neuroplasticity processes.
  • SLEEPexpert strives to improve sleep in patients with mental disorders based on a behavioral treatment program for insomnia. We test the hypotheses that the intervention improves sleep and other relevant health outcomes.
  • SLEEPwindow aims to evaluate the efficacy of a brief behavioral treatment for insomnia based on bedtime restriction therapy.
  • SLEEPperception explores the neural basis of sleep-wake perception and aims to develop innovative insomnia treatments. We test the concepts that sleep-specific brain activity patterns during NREM sleep and their coordination are linked to sleep perception. Additionally, we’re investigating non-invasive auditory brain stimulation’s potential to modulate this activity and sleep-wake perception.

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