Christoph Michel

Christoph Michel

Function: Professeur ordinaire

Nom du groupe: Functional Brain Mapping Laboratory

Group type: Main

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine, Department of Basic Neurosciences

Domaines: Perception, Attention and Cognition

Mot clés: brain lesions, brain networks, mental disorders

Activités de recherche

Our principal research interest is the organization and the dynamics of the large-scale neuronal networks of the human brain that characterize mental functions, and the understanding of disturbances of these networks in patients with brain dysfunctions. Electromagnetic imaging based on high-density EEG is our principal instrument to study these questions. Our group is working on the development of spatio-temporal signal analysis techniques that allow to characterize neuronal electric activity in time and space. In order to enhance spatial resolution, other functional imaging techniques, in particular functional MRI are included. Besides the combination of electromagnetic and haemodynamic brain imaging techniques, our research projects also integrate direct intracranial recordings, neuropsychology and lesion studies as well as non-invasive brain stimulation. Besides cognitive and clinical studies in humans, the lab also integrates an animal electrophysiology section with high-density epidural as well as multi-site intracranial recordings. In a top-down approach, the aim of this section is to advance in the understanding of the neural mechanisms that lead to the alterations that we observe in EEG studies in humans and patients.

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Prof. Christoph Michel

Group leader

Campus Biotech - 03.189.159
+41 22 37 95 457

Fiorenzo Artoni

Scientific collaborator

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Denis Brunet

Computer scientist

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Victor Ferat

PhD student

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Fabien Friscourt

PhD student

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Ferran Galan

Scientific collaborator

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Thomas Koenig

Visiting Professor

Charles Quairiaux

Scientific collaborator

CMU - C07.1534.A
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Vincent Rochas

Scientific collaborator

Campus Biotech - 03.178.156A
+41 22 37 90 890

Tomas Ros

Scientific collaborator

Campus Biotech - 03.186.156
+41 22 37 90 865



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