Doctorat en neurosciences sur l’insomnie

A PhD and a post-doctoral positions on neuronal basis of epilepsy, University of Geneva, Switzerland
A PhD and a post-doctoral positions on neuronal basis of epilepsy, University of Geneva, Switzerland 1

JOB OFFER: PhD Student 100%
One full-time (100%) PhD position in the Center for Sleep Medicine (University Hospitals of Geneva) and the University of Geneva is proposed, as a part of a 4-year project on the treatment of insomnia disorder by imagery rescripting and targeted memory reactivation, directed by Dr. Lampros Perogamvros.
Summary of the project
We will test the hypothesis that in patients with insomnia disorder: a) imagery rescripting (IR), a technique where the individual is instructed to imagine a negative memory or image as vividly as possible, and to transform it into a positive one, and b) targeted memory reactivation (TMR) during REM sleep, a technique used to strengthen memory formation through the application of cues during sleep, improves insomnia severity.
The PhD student will recruit patients with insomnia, apply IR and TMR and collect clinical and EEG data, help with data analysis, preparation of manuscripts and outreach activities, promote synergies with other sleep and neuroscience studies and help supervise Master students.

Candidate requirements The ideal candidate must:

  • have a MSc degree in psychology, neurosciences or equivalent
  • have a professional level of French and English
  • have to work in collaboration with other students and assistants
  • have the ability to coordinate the conduct of complex sleep, neurophysiology and behavioral studies
  • have excellent communication skills to bridge between patients, clinicians and research

We offer a competitive Swiss National Foundation salary. The position is available from autumn 2023.
Geneva offers a particular rich infrastructure for sleep and neuroscience research. If interested, please contact Dr. Lampros Perogamvros ( and send a motivation letter, CV and publications, diplomas, and 2 references.