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Talk Léonie Koban (Brain & Cognition seminar)

30 mai 2023 @ 12 h 15 min - 13 h 15 min

Social influences on emotion and health-related decision-making: From behavior to predictive brain models Leonie Koban, PhD SOCIALHEALTH team, CRNL, Lyon (France) How we experience the world and how we behave is strongly influenced by social factors. What are the brain systems that mediate social influences on behavior? In the first part of the talk, I will present behavioral and fMRI studies that show how pain, affect, and food craving is altered by social information. In the second part, I will discuss how we can combine machine-learning with brain imaging to develop ‘brain signatures’ that predict mental states such as food and drug craving, or individual differences in decision-making, across individuals and samples. These brain signatures can be generalized in future studies and used as new targets to probe the effects of social context and of other types of interventions. ON SITE & Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 623 6098 9013 Passcode: 180715


Date :
30 mai 2023
Heure :
12 h 15 min - 13 h 15 min
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